SUMMARY: Need to truncate wtmpx on a live system

From: <>
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 15:14:26 EDT
The consensus is that the file should first be *copied* someplace
where there's space to hold it, then the file should be truncated
to zero length.  The original file is still "in place" (same inode)
but it is shortened, and the space is freed up from the partition
that is tight on space.

  # cp /var/adm/wtmpx /bigpartition
  # cat /dev/null >/var/adm/wtmpx

Or, put them on the same line to cut down on "pilot delay" between
the two commands:

  # cp /var/adm/wtmpx /bigpartition ; cat /dev/null >/var/adm/wtmpx

Thanks to the following for their responses:

    Richard Sullivan
    John Rushe
    Asif Iqbal
    John Julian
    Steve Starer
    Sandwich Maker
    David Harrington
    Debbie Tropiano

(hope I didn't miss anyone)
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