SUMMARY: Sendmail and RBL entires. (fwd)

From: Tim Wort <>
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 18:03:37 EDT
Received 8 Out of Office responces, 3 of which were blocked by my spam filter. :^)

Received 3 solution responces. All suggested the delay_checks feature. I
somehow missed this when reading through the /usr/lib/mail/README file
that docuements the configuration file.

One of the responces suggested this might not be a Sun related question.
My comment would be that Sun indeed ships Sendmail with all versions of
Solaris back to 4.1.x (SUNOS) version I first used. Sun supports does
support Sendmail if you have a contract. I think the question qualifies
for sunmanagers based on my 7 years or so (on and off) of following this

One response also recommened a switch to PostFix, I am happy with Sendmail
on this server, although I am familiar with PostFix and it is excellent

The delay_checks is probably the solution, it is bound to add a little
overhead, but the server isn't all that busy. I think I will configure it,
create the script and dump reports for awhile and then decide if it is
worth keeping or not.

Thanks to:

Rob Foehl
Crist Clark
William Cole

for their prompt responces.

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Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 12:21:20 -0600 (MDT)
From: Tim Wort <>
Subject: Sendmail and RBL entires.

I have configured a number of RBL entries and they are working well. I
was about to write a script to parse syslog to build a report of users
mail blocked. Kind of like a mail filter discard list.

I notice that the syslog at debug level 9 doesn't contain the FROM/TO
header info, looking at the ruleset it appears that FROM/TO is processed
after the DNS RBL checks.

So, does sendmail stop processing the ruleset at that point, when a
messages is blocked? If not what sendmail variable could be added to the
error out put?

Is it possible to re-arrange the ruleset to get the TO/FROM info?

More importantly, has anyone addressed this issue already and can provide
a solution?

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