[SUMMARY] SunRay 1 boot problems /26D and /var/dt/Xerrors problem

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Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 12:22:59 EDT
Hello Sunmanagers,

first I wanted to thank everyone who replied to my message, some of you wrote me 
back a couple of times.  Thank you!

I had quite a suggestions that I will highlight briefly.  The included:

 >>> make sure and run the install per the docs

Yes, I did this, and have them printed up

 >>> you need to search the archives.  This has been discussed several times

believe me, I know the wrath of this list for one who does not do his homework 
first and RTFM, search the archives, etc.

 >>> did you install patch 114880-03

in my original message, I stated that I had patch 114880-04 installed

Russ LeBar nailed it on the head when he sent me this though:

# ls -lAF /dev/sunray /devices/pseudo/sunray@0:sunray
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     other          33 Apr 17  2003 /dev/sunray -> 
crw-rw-rw-    1 bin      bin      242,   0 Apr  8  2003 


for what ever reason, the install did not/could not create a
/devices/pseudo/sunray@0:sunray device. The install logs gave no indication that 
the install had any problems. I could not manually create it myself either.  But 
all the other pieces were in place, i.e. flat files updated, daemons running.

In the end, I was never able to create the entry in the /devices/pseudo 
directory, so I grabbed another disk pack and did a fresh Solaris 9 install.

Between the install document, and Andreas Hoeschler post that I found when I was 
searching the archives (a copy is below in my original message), I had the 
sunray software installed and I was logged into my Sunray in under an hour, from 
a fresh Solaris 9 system.

Jerry Kemp


> I have picked up a SunRay 1 to play with in my at home lab.  I feel that 
> I am very close to getting it up and going, but I am stuck with an OSD 
> 26D error from the SunRay.  The full OSD square gives me the MAC 
> address, the DCHP IP address as assigned by the SunRay server, 100F for 
> a 100 Mb full duplex connection and at the bottom, the ip address of the 
>  SunRay server.  The 26D is in the bottom right corner.
> I have also found this in the /var/dt/Xerrors file:
> ======================================================
> /dev/sunray: No such file or directory
> Graphics Adapter device /dev/sunray is of unknown type
> Fatal server error:
> InitOutput: Error loading module for /dev/sunray
> Mon May  3 22:45:49 2004
> error (pid 471): Server for display :2 terminated unexpectedly 1
> Mon May  3 22:45:50 2004
> error (pid 471): Server for display :2 can't be started.
> ======================================================
> I do not have a /dev/sunray file/directory, and I am unsure how to 
> create it, or what install process should have created it.
> I have also found (2) recent messages in the archives, which provided 
> some insight, but got me no further along.  One concerns a new patch 
> (114880-04) for srss 2.0 and another titled "Summary: Getting Sun Ray to 
> work" which I will post below.
> I have spent a lot of time searching at docs.sun.com and doing 
> yahoo/google searches, and have found the documentation for SunRay's to 
> be some what sparse.
> Thanks for any pointers or help.  I will summarize.
> Jerry K
> ======================================================
> Summary: Getting Sun Ray to work archive posting
> ======================================================
> Dear managers,
> special thanks to
> Jarett Stevens
> Lebar, Rusell
> Loukins, Jeremy
> Tim, Chipman
> I finally got the Sun Ray to work with th followin approach
>     cd /opt/SUNWut/sbin
>     ./utadm -D
>     ./utadm -r
>     ./utadm -A
>     ./utadm -c
>     ./utrestart
>     pntadm -P
> Using
>     ./utadm -a eri0
> was not a good idea as it turned out. After getting the Sun Ray working 
> one can set the resolution with
>     ./utsettings
>     ./utxconfig -r 1024x768 -s off
> Works great. Unfortunately the setting of the resolution does not 
> survive a system reboot. But I can live with that for a while...
> Regards,
>   Andreas
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