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Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 03:21:31 EDT

Received some good suggestions as how to perform mirroring without data

The best way is to shrink the SWAP slice and create the new freed slice as
the State Database.
below is a good article on the steps by steps to create mirroring

Chee Kiong

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Hi gurus,

I have a SunBlade 150 with only 1 harddisk and applications running. I
thinking of adding 1 more harddisk and
mirror to the Primary Harddisk.

How can i Mirror both disk without distroying the current harddisk data?
Can the State Replica be stored in existing slice, e.g. /opt or /home1.

Any suggestions are appreciated, pls send to my email.

Chee Kiong
NEC Solutions Asia Pacific
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