SUMMARY: Help Regarding Veritas

From: neil quiogue <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 04:59:53 EDT

It seems that the internal mapping (on how the OS sees the device) was
changed somehow.  So what I did was the following:
1. Remove the Disk for Replacement option (vxdiskadm)
2. Placed the Disk in the control of VxVM (through vxdisksetup -i [device])
3. Replaced the failed or removed disk option (vxdiskadm)
4. Placed the volume online again (vxvol -o bg -f start [volume name])

And voila, I'm able to access the disk again.

Hope that helps someone.

Regards, Neil

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From: "neil quiogue" <>
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Subject: Help Regarding Veritas

> I'm having a dilemma wherein the Veritas VM is not able to see the T3
> properly but when I execute the format program, the Solaris box sees it.
> Whenever I powercycle the T3, the Solaris box sees the offline/online
> (through /var/adm/messages) also so what could possibly make this happen?
> On bootup, I see this strange information:
> Starting VxVM restore daemon...
> VxVM starting in boot mode...
> NOTICE: vxvm:vxdmp: added disk array 60020F20000048DA0000000000000000,
> datype = T3
> vxvm:vxconfigd: WARNING: Disk t3disk01 in group rootdg: Disk device not
> found
> Any tips would be appreciated.
> Regards, Neil
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