Summary: rcp question

From: Gary Lopez <>
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 18:39:54 EDT
Thanks to all who replied. Everyone gave me good clues. The answer was 
my .rhosts file was incorrect. on hostB is should be "hostname username" 
and then in the users home directory create a .rhosts file that has 
"remote-host username". Thanks again all.. I appreciate all your answers..


Good afternoon,
	I know there is a simple answer, but I cannot remember. If I wanted to
rcp a file from hostA to hostB as a user, what needs to be done to hostA
to make it accept that file. I have added the .rhost file with
hostname root
username root

Still getting permission denied on hostB. I even made the dir 777 on
hostB. What am I forgetting ?

Thanks ..
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