SUMMARY: Dump prom settings on a SunFire 280R?

From: Randy Millis <>
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 11:32:55 EDT
Most who responded suggested using "eeprom" and redirecting to a file:

e.g. eeprom  > filename

Joe Fletcher said:


eeprom > output.txt

will give you some but not all of it.


Eugene Schmidt expanded on what Joe said with:


Most, but not all can be seen by doing:

Alternatively, an RS232 cross cable to the serial port to another system.
Set capture on on Hyperterm/ "script /tmp/mylog; tip hardwire" or whatever
as required by tty session.

Reboot the server you wish to capture.

Break as system wishes to boot.



Exit from tty emulator and close script/log

Make sure system boots.

Thanks to:

Vincent Bolay, Dirk Hamilton, Michael Schulte, Nicolas Dorfsman, Mark
McManus, Stan Pietkiewicz, Brent Mcdaniel,,
Alan Pae, Jim Seymour, Matt Gentry, Bob Cummings, Adrian Cole, and Tim Evans
for their very speedy replies.

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> How can I dump prom settings on a SunFire 280R to a text file for
> documentation purposes from a running OS? Googleing and searching the
> archives did not reveal an answer.
> Thank you.
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