SUMMARY: bge 10mbps trouble

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Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 05:31:53 EDT
Thanks goes to:
Kanellopoulos Angelos, Adrian Phipps, Mike's List, Pascal Grostabussia,
Melanie Humphrey, Nathan Dietsch, Hans Engren, Peter Stokes, Aleksander Pavic,
Vjay Larosa, David Harrington and Bill and Steve.

My original two posts are below.

The problem turned out to be a dual ip-adress, I had a lot of trouble tracking
this down as the machine with the offending ip was on a different vlan.
This ment that I could never ping the ip-adress from the "real" network, it
however managed to push it's mac-adress into the routers arp-table.

---- Mats

> Hi,
> I have a couple of sunblade1500's that doesn't work well when connected at
> 10mbps.
> The problem is that at random intervals the machine cannot comunicate out
> it's subnet, but everything works within the subnet.
> I can connect to it from my machine, but not from our central fileserver
> is on an other subnet, other machines on the same subnet have no problems
> connecting to the fileserver.
> The netmask is correct, the defaultroute is there, but not pingable(when
> problem occurs).
> If I take the interface down and then up, everything works again, for a
> while.
> Anybody know what could be the problem?

> Well, I still haven't found any solution to my problem, got a couple of
> answeres that suggested setting the interface to 10-hdx with ndd which
> help. ( I even tried full duplex, hard settings on both card and switchport
> The problem seems to be with routing, since there's no problems inside the
> machines subnet.
> It's probably neither cable nor switchport, since I've tried the machine
> connected to two different switches with different cables.
> There is also no problem running a ultra5 in the same port via the same
> as the problem machine, which by the way is a SunBlade1500 running
> Solaris8-hw7-03, recently patched.
> The machine works for a while when just started(or if I down/up the
> interface), there's no problems accessing for instance the internet. Then
> after a random time routing seems to stop, I can't even ping the
> defaultrouter(works from all other machines though). I can however
> ping/connect to any machine in the same subnet.
> The only errormessage is "nfs server ... not responding"
> The default route is in the routing table, and it's macaddress is in the
> table.... I'm really getting frustrated at this....
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