SUMMARY: NIC configuration problem with SunFire V480

From: Benoît Audet <>
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 09:47:35 EDT
Hi fellow managers,

Many thanks to all who responded to my problem, and especially to Bob
Cummings, Nathan Dietsch, Johan Wilkstrvm David B. Harrington, Mike (at  ...don't know the last name!), Chuck (at, don't no yet
the last name!) and Daniel Buchner.

Most of you directed me to the link speed settings, sending me init scripts to
use for forcing speed and disabling autonegociating.  In fact, I had made
these settings since the beginning.

As well, some  told me that on the Sun Fire V480, we must configure and fully
install both ce0 and ce1 cards in order to have at least one working
properly...   ...but that doesn't worked for me.

I received some notes about installing patches, but like I mentionned in my
original problem, I had the latest recommended patches, with these special
patches mentionned in Sun docs.

I also mentionned that I did a check on the switch port configuration and that
was true.  *But*, the test I made was to put the cable in my RJ45 port of my
laptop, I forced the laptop to be in "100Mbps, full duplex" and the laptop was
working greatly.  So that was enought to tell me that it was working well.
However, at the end of the afternoon tomorrow, I was thinking about throwing
the V480 by the window, when I remembered an odd situation I had in the past:
I was then close of giving up when we realised that the network admin had
simply "mistaken" out port, disabling it and answering to our questions "yeah,
your port is OK"... I took a drop directly from another port on the
switch and guess what??  Oh yeah, the little lights came to life on the NIC!

This was different, because this time my laptop was working well and I was in
the right subnet.  I just picked up the network guy and told him about my
problem...   At first, he obviously laught at me, but when I showed him the
lights up when connecting to the other switch, his smile turned suddenly
down...  Of course, he didn't told me what was wrong, but at least, it's now

So, that's it.  Thanks for all of you, once again!

Ben Audet

  Benoit Audet
  Conseiller - TELUS solutions d'affaires

  Commission administrative des rigimes de retraite et d'assurances (CARRA)
  Service de l'assistance et des technologies (SAT)
  Til : 418.528.1303  (CARRA)
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Hi managers,

We just received a splendid SunFire V480 here, and I have performed a Solaris
8, hardware rev. 2/02 installation on it.  On the SunFire V480, there's two
onboard cards, which are "ce0" and "ce1".  These two interfaces seem to be ok
(I've seen both with the "show-nets" command at the PROM) and at the install
of Solaris 8, I had the choice for both interfaces to use.

Currently, I plugged the "ce0" (the lower connector on the back of the
machine) in a 100Mbps - full duplex port.  I tested the port AND the cable,
plugging it in the laptop I use as the installation console and I connect
without any problem.  However, once Solaris installed and patched with the
recommended patches cluster, I can't get this "ce0" NIC interface to work!

I tryed to force it at 100Mbps - full duplex (with the ndd commands, etc.),
but I can't get this NIC to connect.  I browsed the web a bit, but found too
much contradicting informations on this, and I'm starting to get a bit lost...
I as well saw something telling that Solaris 8, hw 2/02 was not a "goob"
version to use with V480, that I should use something like Solaris 8, but

Any workarounds, ideas?  That would be fairly welcome.  As usual, I will of
course summarise!  :-) Thanks in advance!

  Benoit Audet
  Conseiller - TELUS solutions d'affaires

  Commission administrative des rigimes de retraite et d'assurances (CARRA)
  Service de l'assistance et des technologies (SAT)
  Til : 418.528.1303  (CARRA)
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