From: Tis Unix <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 04:47:43 EST
Hi Everyone,
Thanks to all of you who responded, there were too many to mention. 
Orginal question - 
> I have read that backing up a mounted filesystem can give you a corrupted backup. With our production server, we have mirroring so I plan to detach the submirror, backup the detached disk, then reattch it. Will this work in the script ? -
> metadetach d0 d8 >> $LOG_FILE 2>&1
> ufsdump 0uf $DEVICE /dev/rdsk/c0t8d0s0 >> $LOG_FILE 2>&1
> metattach d0 d8 >> $LOG_FILE 2>&1
> Will this work ?? 
> The other servers aren't mirrores ... What's generally used as best practice to ufsdump these servers that I can't umount the filesystems ?
The general consensus was that doing a metadetach, then ufsdumping the detached disk, the using metattach to reattach the submirror will be fine, and this will work !!!! A few of you suggested using metaoffline and metaonline instead as this will be quicker in the resybc process.
Only one of you answered my question with a flat no .... This was the response -
"No. The detached mirror will be in an inconsistent state if there
are write operations to stable storage pending - just as a live
filesystem is if you circumvent the buffer cache (as dump does)."
Rich Kulawiec sent me to a link of a Summary he posted quite a few years ago to do with backups of multi users systems. It was very informative and made alot of sense, and although it was a number of years ago, alot of it can still be applied today. Here's the link -
Thanks to all of you once again (and to David Foster for prompting me to summarise)  :)

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