Problems with A1000 - Summary

From: John BOSSERT <>
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 12:30:39 EST
Thanks for all the responses (and congratulations to those of you on 

The first consensus was that, since the A1000 is a hardware raid device, 
the "disks" are really LUNs and are perhaps remnants of a previous 
install.  Regardless, they don't map to the number of physical drives in 
the box.

The second set of suggestions (thanks specifically to Mitchell Bruntel) 
took me back to the old days of re-seating cards in VAXen - I removed 
all the drives from the array (after which two drive lights were still 
green) and cycled power.  At this point I was able to successfully load 
the proper firmware with fwutil (and upgrade to the latest revision.)

I then reinserted each drive.

All now appears as it should and I can create LUNs.

Thanks, all!

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