SUMMARY: RE: tar versus cpio versus ufsdump

From: Ruiter de, Klaas <>
Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 06:00:09 EST
Thanks to all who replied.
Most of you advised me to use ufsdump, because this is the safest option.

Tar can be used for backing up some files like /export/home.
Tar has a disadvantage that it doensn't backup special files.


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Onderwerp: tar versus cpio versus ufsdump

We have to migrate 3 servers to one server in another datacenter.
On each server there is LTOgen1 tape drive installed.
Each of the 3 servers has about 250 mb diskspace used and contains a lot of
Oracle databases.
I'm in doubt which tool (tar/ufsdump/cpio) I should use for backup the 3
servers and restore all the tapes on the other server?
Anyone suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
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