SUMMARY: SCSI confusion

From: Wood, Lawrence N <>
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 10:26:49 EST
I posted this yesterday and only got four responses, but I felt a summary
should be made
with what I got. 

Two people pointed out that the SCSI controller on the V440 is a dual
channel controller
with one channel being used for the internal disks and the other going to
the HD68
connector on the rear panel.  I assume if no bridging is done that the
external devices
will not adversely affect the internal disks. So, I trust that this will
indeed work.

Thanks Bob and GB.

 Our intent is to attach an Overland LoaderXpress Tape autoloader with
 one LTO-2 Ultrium tape drive(LVD) to a  SunFire V440 Server.  The 
 specifications for the V440 state that among the "Standard Integrated
 Interfaces" is "One Ultra320 SCSI (LVD)". I have confirmed that the system
 has four Hitachi 73 Gig LVD hard drives installed internally and apparently

 nothing else on the SCSI bus.  There is a DVD-ROM installed but it appears 
 to be a Toshiba IDE device.  The rear panel of the V440 does have a High 
 Density 68-pin jack but it is not part of the PCI expansion rack which 
 leads me to believe the LVD interface is part of the motherboard.  Can you 
 positively confirm that this autoloader can go on our machine without 
 adding another SCSI card?

Ah! I see it now!  I used the word positively....must have scared some
potential respondants away!

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