SUMMARY: Solaris 8 UFS logging

From: Chuck <>
Date: Thu Mar 04 2004 - 21:30:25 EST
Thanks to all who responded.  Just about everyone who
wrote said that they use the logging mount option on their
file systems with great success.  The biggest advantage
seems to be recovering from an ungraceful shutdown.  For
whatever reasons the engineers who performed the original 
installs on my 1280's might have had, it remains unknown.
I am going to go w/ logging on all my UFS file systems.
I would like to thank those who responded, but there were
to many to list.  So, I am going w/ a blanket "thanks to all".
Thanks again :-)

In my original message, I wrote:
Hello all,
This question is related to the one that I just posted 
about my 280R crashing. I am looking for some insight on 
the UFS logging mount option. When I fsck'ed the /var file 
system on my crashed 280R, it had many reconnect errors. 
I am wondering if there are any situations when it would not 
be beneficial to use the UFS logging. Is there a 
performance hit when a file system uses logging? I ask 
because when I bought some new V1280 w/ Solaris 8 
preinstalled, the root file system, which included /usr, 
had logging and /var which was on a separate file system
did NOT have logging. From what I read on logging, it
would make sense to mount all UFS file systems w/ logging.
I would figure sun had a reason why they did not use
logging on /var. Any thoughts?

Thanks again,
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