[SUMMARY] OpenBoot Reset

From: Wyatt Song <wyatt.song_at_veritas.com>
Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 05:13:33 EST
Thanks everyone for input especially to:

   Adrian Phipps
   James Gallagher

We managed to locate a terminal and connected through serial port to be able
to input anything, then ran set-defaults to get the original keyboard back.

This type of SparcBook only takes one input device and as the only
input-device got corrupted we were unable to key anything at all (including
STOP-N etc) with either USB keyboard or its own keyboard.  The only way out
was to serial in and set-defaults.

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Subject: OpenBoot Reset

Hi Sun Managers,

Please help my colleague who's not on the alias with an urgent
situation.  I have forwarded his email below describing the situation
he's in.  If you have any suggestions and/or questions could you
please also copy Ray rschafer@veritas.com
<mailto:rschafer@veritas.com>  so he can ask you questions.

Help is needed urgently as we try to set up a training class for
tomorrow, without getting his SparcBook we're unable to do so - in the
meantime Tedpole support phone is down.

Thanks for help, will summarize.


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From: Ray Schafer

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Thanks Wyatt.

Here is the problem description:

I have a SparcBook5000 from Tadpole technologies.  In the OpenBoot
prompt, I tried to set the input-device back to the native keyboard
instead of the USB keyboard I was using, but the device was truncated
to 32 characters and is not a valid device.  I don't have an OS
installed, I am trying to do that. I wish to find out how to reset the
nvram to the default settings if possible or at least be able to set
the input device back to something I can use to install the machine.

Please help!
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