SUMMARY: memtool and oracle 9.2

Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 03:00:48 EST
SUMMARY: memtool and oracle 9.2

First, my original question:

"Hi all,
I have a problem with memtool. I need to know the amount of memory that 
oracle processes are consuming. I probe with ps, but it not show me the 
anonymous memory it is consuming.
I find memtool (RMCmem), but memps not show me oracle processes.
I probe "pmem ORACLE_PID" and obtain: "pmem: cannot grab ORACLE_PID: 
program is _LP64, self is not"
I'm runnig solaris 8 02/02, memtool 3.9.4 (RMCmem3.9.4) and oracle 
It seems that memtool isn't compatible with 64 bit processes. Any ideas?

I'll summarize.
Thanks all.


Thanks all who've answered:

WC Jones
Joonhyun Cha
Jay Lessert
Alan Pae
Octave Orgeron

They propose me use pmap. pmap shows the data that I want, the private 
memory for each process, but is slow to travel the process table, run 
pmap for each process and get the total.

I have a script that do this:

ps -eaf -o pid,pmem,args | grep ora | cut -b1-5 > $TEMPO

echo "__________________________________________________________________
echo " Kbytes Resident Shared Private   PID   PCPU  ARGS"
echo "------------------------------------------------------------------
while read PID;

                printf "%30s%s\n" "`pmap -x $PID | grep total | cut -
b18-65`" " 


It takes over three minutes to do this, but for the moment, it seems 
that is the only option. I'll wait for the next version of memtool.

Many thanks all.

PS: And thanks for his null aportation and his stupidity to "hike1272-
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