SUMMARY: Patch 110943-02 breaks tcsh?

From: Dan Lorenzini <>
Date: Sat Feb 07 2004 - 12:35:36 EST
Thanks to:

David Foster
Casper Dik
Hichael Morton
Anthony Talltree
Marc Valencia
Barbara Schelkle
Gerard Henry
Albert White
Christopher L. Barnard

Patch 110943-02 breaks a few features of tcsh.  This is a known
problem, bugid 4961642.  A new patch is supposed to be issued soon.

There was a recent posting about problems with this patch.  My
apologies for not searching the archives before posting.


Dan Lorenzini


Original message:

> Greetings,
> After installing patch 110943-02 (Solaris 8 tcsh patch), the 'dirs' shell
> built-in appears to be broken: it prints "~0c" instead of "~" when cd'ed into
> the home directory.  This does not happen with rev -01 of the patch.
> Is this a problem with 110943-02, or am I missing something?  I have observed
> this behavior on Ultra 5 and v440 machines running Solaris 8 with the
> recommended patch cluster containing the 108528-27 kernel patch.  Thanks.
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