SUMMARY: Obtaining WWN information

From: Lonnie Randall Webb <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 2004 - 16:51:32 EST
Thanks to all the quick answers: 
Reggie Beavers,Sherman Butler, Charlotte Ratliff, Wesley Garland,
Sudhakar Peram, Darren Dunham, John England, and especially 
Cyril Plisko

It seems most drivers are more forthcoming with information in the
messages log or via luxadm, cfgadm but in this case no wwn for the HBA
cards were displayed. From my conversation with Sun support they
indicated this was normal and was because no disk devices were present. 

It is possible to obtain the wwn for the x6767a HBA without having disk
devices established by grepping the information out of the 
output of prtconf -vp.

prtconf -vp | grep wwn 

I am still not sure that some other problem is not present but at least
I can take the next step and configure the storage space.

Lonnie Randall Webb <>
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