SUMMARY: IPMP with multiple "testpartners"

From: Swider, Bucky <>
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 16:35:39 EST
A huge thanks to Ed Quillen, who pointed to me to Sun infodoc ID70062, which
details this configuration.

Those running IPMP take note- implementing the config as defined in this
infodoc eliminates your defaultrouter as a SPOF.  Even if the router dies,
IPMP will not erroneously report the NIC as dead.  Well worth implementing,
IMO, especially for those running VCS/IPMultiNicB. 

Thanks again Ed!

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> Subject:	IPMP with multiple "testpartners"
> Hi all,
> Had a situation last night where IPMP failed all interfaces on a server
> because the router hiccupped.  HSRP kicked in, but not quickly enough for
> IPMP to keep everything alive.  Death for a VCS resource group.  
> Anyhow, I'm looking at Sun infodoc 43720 which says I can somehow
> configure other hosts on the same subnet as "testpartners" for IPMP, so it
> isn't reliant on just the router address for a ping response.  This
> infodoc says to look at infodoc 41422 for specifics on how to do this.  As
> Murphy would have it (this IS  St. Pat's week)  this infodoc is MIA.
> Question is, does anyone know how to do this, or does anyone know how to
> find this infodoc?  Thanks.
> Bucky Swider
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