SUMMARY: interrupt level 4 not serviced

From: Smoko Mr Charles <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 15:09:08 EST
In the doc below, it tells how to stop this.

Taken from the doc...

WARNING: processor level 4 interrupt not serviced
Cause: This message is basically a diagnostic from
the SCSI driver. It can appear on the console every 
10 minutes or so.

Action: To reduce the frequency of this message, add 
this line near the bottom of the /etc/system file 
and reboot: set esp:esp_use_poll_loop=0	

Technical Notes
You might also see this message repeatedly after manually
removing a CD when it was busy. Do not do this! To return 
the system to normal, reboot the system with the -r 
(reconfigure) option.

In addition, Andy Kannberg mentions patch 106407.  How-
ever this patch is 2.6 specific.

chuck smoko
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