SUMMARY: help needed in identifying SUN or LSI part number

From: Valeriy Glinskiy <>
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 13:13:29 EST
Even though majority voted for "Out of Office Auto Reply"  :-)  part 
number, card remains to be a mistery.
Thanks to

Peter Bauer
Pascal Grostabussiat
Kevin Dawley

Valeriy Glinskiy wrote:

> Hi all,
> One of my SunBlade 100 has Ultra Wide Differential SCSI card to 
> connect to Quantum DLT8000 tape drive. I need your help in identifying 
> SUN or LSI part number for that card. It has one 68-pin external 
> connector and 1 68-pin internal connector. There is a big chip in the 
> middle with following marking: LSI symbios 53C875. The closest match I 
> found was LSI Logic's LSI8751D card here 
> But my card has fewer parts on it.
> Thanks.
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