SUMMARY: NIS+ client of Solaris 9

From: Jeremy Jin _at_ Nucleus <_at_>
Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 12:51:51 EST
After I sent out the question, I got the solution by myself.

type "keylogin", then, I can see all nis+ tables.


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Subject: NIS+ client of Solaris 9


All of my SUN workstations are installled with Solaris 8, with one NIS+
master server, one NIS+ slave server.
Yesterday I upgraded (actually reinstalled) one of them to Solaris 9 12/03.
Seems like everything is fine except the following problem.

This new installed Solaris 9 is a NIS+ client. When I login in, I found some
autofs directories are not mounted. So I use niscat to check the nis+

# niscat hosts.org_dir
# niscat auto_master.org_dir
# niscat auto_home.org_dir
# niscat auto_direct.org_dir
# niscat apps.org_dir

The first 3 commands got the expected results successfully, but the last two
commands got nothing. It looks like similiar as a NIS client which cannot
read some tables of NIS+ server in NIS compatible mode.

Does solaris 9 needs some special configuration of NIS+ client?


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