SUMMARY: MTU Issues under PPPoE and aDSL

From: WC Jones <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 2004 - 13:48:32 EST
I am going to summarize as I have gotten little response.  The basic consensus - 
most of which I already knew - is that the routers are not allowing or are 
erroneously setting DF (dont fragment.)

I am trying to determine if my system is causing this.  Solaris has always acted 
strangely over PPPoE.  I just want to make sure my system isnt causing:  ICMP 
Can't Fragment Error.

I hate to have to switch back to Debian Ultrasparc - but I will if I must -- 
just to be able to "communicate" with the outside world...

(Prolly should just bite the bullet and switch to Intel Debian at anyrate.)

Thank you to all who replied.
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