SUMMARY : Please Help for Solaris VPN

From: Praven P Nair <>
Date: Wed Jan 28 2004 - 07:33:01 EST
Hi Gurus,
I am too happy to summarize the excellent support you provided for me to
find the best VPN solution. Here are the feedbacks
Jeremy Loukinas : Provided the solution on Solaris 9.0 as Sun Screen is
Marcelino Mata : For the OpenVPN Link :
Marco Breedeveld : For suggesting Net4801 and VPN 1411
Doug Winter : To run OpenBSD with IPSEC VPNs
Michael Lance : For suggesting NetGear and Fortinet Firewalls. 
All other guys who are Out of office info. Sad to bother you in your
vacation / tarvel
Thanks so much Gurus
Praveen P Nair
ProactiveNet Inc
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