SUMMARY : Antispam server : any advice ??

From: Figaro, Nicolas <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 02:44:56 EST

Here is the list of solutions proposed :
Postfix + spamassassin ( + amavis/clamav)
Qmail + spamassassin + dcc + razor (with rbl on qmail)
Pure message (commercial product from sophos)
Ciphertrust (commercial product)
Communigate (commercial product from stalker)

Someone sent me a link to an ancien post :

(SUMMARY: Simple anti-spam system using open-source software and
freely-available data)

Thanks to those people for their responses :
Tim chipman
Matt ungaro
Henry yiin
Michael grice
Michael maxwell
Kevin raber
William smith
Rich kulawiec
Roy erickson

Nicolas Figaro

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From: Figaro, Nicolas
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Subject: Antispam server : any advice ??


We plan to add anti-spam features to our mail architecture.

For the moment, only software solutions were used.

As "appliances" appears on the mail/antispam market, we'd like to
evaluate those solutions too.

Has anyone soon evaluated the different solutions (appliance/software)


Nicolas Figaro
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