SUMMARY: Backround process dies

From: Gurugunti, Mahesh <>
Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 16:46:07 EST
My Question was

> One of our developers has written a simple shell script which monitors
> (greps)  a process and if this monitored process does not exist, it starts
> it. 
> This script is run as a user  as a backround job (script &) from a command
> line and then the user logs out.
> This script dies intermittently, and he wants to know the
> on which this monitoring job dies.

The responses I received are below, Thanks for the responses folks.

Hi Guy,

try to run the process with the command nohup.

It detach process from the terminal, so, the user can logout its session
without killing background processes.

Fabio Cannone

Hi Mahesh,
every script which shouldn't terminate upon termination of the shell
process it was invoked from, needs to be started with nohup (see man
nohup for details), this is independent from the script itself.
For the script, you (or your developer)  might want to look into using

The usual reasons are..

1) Receives a signal (like HUP) that it does not handle.
2) Attempts to write data to a filedesriptor (like STDOUT) that is no
   longer connected to anything (would happen if someone logged out of a
3) Attempts to read data from a filedescriptor that is no longer
   attached to anything.

Nohup tends to solve problems with #1 and #2.  Redirecting input from
/dev/null tends to solve #3.

And a bunch of "Out of Office"  auto responses.

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