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From: NKS <>
Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 02:24:01 EST
Original post:

>    I recently bought a HP 3700DN color laserprinter. Unfortunately,
>    I was not aware of the fact that HP stopped supporting JetAdmin
>    in 2002... According to HP, however, HP webadmin should support 
>    Solaris.
>    Does anyone know where to find webadmin for Solaris 8/9?? Have 
>    been searching without success.

HP has stopped supporting Webjetadmin for Solaris... I guess this was
our last HP-printer...

Thanks to Gerard Henry who gave me an old version of Webjetadmin
for Solaris. I installed the package and selected a printer similar
to the 3700DN. Worked fine :)

Other suggestions: Odl version of JetDirect, CUPS, LNRng.

Thanks to all!

Best regards,

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