SUMMARY: Suggestions for IDE DVD Writer on SPARC/Solaris

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 09:19:35 EST
Original Question

Any experiences running the new multiformat DVD IDE writers such as the
Plextor on either Ultra 5/10 or Blade 100/150?

Looking to buy one and would prefer recommendations for Sol 9 with
cdrecord etc.


A few responses, the following were the main ones

We've been using the Pioneer A05, internal ATAPI drive within a
SCSI/ATAPI converter box. Some links:

We use this with cdrecord and ProDVD (both from the same site), they
work great.

We'll be buying a Pioneer A06 multi-format drive soon.
I'm using the Sony DRU-510A, which is DVD +/- R & RW and CDRW built in 
one.  I'm also using it on a Blade 100 and an Ultra 2 (with a ide-scsi 
converter).  Both computing platforms can boot from cdrom and record 
DVD's & CD's via XCDRoast (engine is cdrecord or cdrecord-prodvd).  I'm 
happy with the performance.  The only small problem has been blanking a 
DVD +RW disk, cdrecord does not fully support this format yet.
buy a plextor.  They're always well supported and very high quality.

Resulting purchase and experience

In the end because we already had one of these on a Windows system and
it worked well, I bought the Plextor PX-708. Installed in a Ultra 5/400
running Sol 9 with latest patches, Gnome 2.0 and installed latest
cdrecord and cdrecord-ProDVD. These all work well (turn off volmgt of
course) with the exception of mkisofs having no support for largefiles
yet. I also have cdrw working to write iso's to CD's, but did not get CD
copy of CDRW to work. I can also rip music CD's down to mp3/wav files no
problem. I have only tried DVD_R's at present as they appear to be
better supported with ProDVD and are cheaper to buy. One recommendation
I did get from a media seller was to stick with Ritech dyes on DVD-R's
as apparently not all DVD-R's work with all DVD writers.

The one major problem I have got is that sometimes when creating an iso
copy of a cd to disk (IDE disk) I get timeouts on the disk. I used dd to
get the iso image from the CD, but am not sure if moving to SCSI disks
will help this. It does not happen every time, but is annoying.

Thanks for your responses.
Peter Stokes
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