SUMMARY: Jumpstart problem with V100 on Solaris 8

From: Ricky Chan <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 12:51:45 EST
Thank you for all the managers around the world.  I had received a lot of
which pointed me to the right direction towards solving the problem.
Special thanks to
the following managers which replied me through the weekend:

PcH			Bob Liebach
Renny			Kevin Davidson
Watson			Alan Pae
stm			Andrew Hay
Joon Martin Hansen	Holger Pfaff

I put the summary below for your reference.  The problem was I forgot the
between "-" and "install".  It was my terrible bad!

So, the correct syntax is:

ok> boot net - install

The jumpstart of the V100 was already done on the weekend.  Thank you!

Some managers suggested to check the release of Solaris image version which 
should be later than 02/02 in order to jumpstart the Sun Fire V100.  This
was a 
very good starting point but I found latter that there was quite a few V100
in this environment being jumpstarted by the same jumpstart server already.

So, the Solaris release should not be the problem cause but thank you for

It was my first time emailing to the sunmanagers list.  Thank you!

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> From: 	Ricky Chan  
> Sent:	Friday, March 19, 2004 7:47 PM
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> Subject:	Jumpstart problem with V100 on Solaris 8
> I'm having some trouble jumpstarting a Sun Fire V100 and was hoping you 
> guys might have some ideas. 
> The following is the error message during the jumpstart process:
> ok boot net -install
> Boot device: /pci@1f,0/ethernet@c  File and args: -install
> 2ae00 Warning: boot will not enable cache
> Enter filename [kernel/sparcv9/unix]:
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  (Feel free to email me
> directly)  Thanks!
> Ricky  
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