Summary: 420 Memory Configuration

From: Michael DeSimone <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 20:09:22 EST
General concencus is nope, I have to bust it open. One other suggestion from Shane is pasted below. It will work but if I have to reboot I might as well just pop it open and take a peek. I did have a vendor say it has to be 256s and offered me "a good deal" but honestly I don't trust how these boxes were set up.

Thanks everyone,

you could change the diag-level in OBP from min to max causing POST to run and
output to the console.  It will give you a summary of the size of memory per
slot per bank.

Michael DeSimone wrote:

> Hello Managers,
> I have a 420 that I know has 2 GB of Ram. I need to upgrade it to 4 GB 
> of Ram. I do not know how the Ram is configured internally ( 8x56 or 
> 16x128). I'm the new guy and of course none of the people that have 
> been here a while know. I tried using memconf but it gives you a 
> waring that it isn't sure with a 420 and the comments in the code back 
> that up. Since memconf uses prtdiag I fugured it would be of little 
> use to me - and when I tried it was.
> My question to my fellow llist members is:
> Does anyone know of another way to find this out other then to crack 
> the box open?
> Thanks,
> Michael
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