SUMMARY: Volume Management (SVM) with SMC 3.5

From: Mark A. Bialik <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 16:50:54 EST

Normally I would say I feel stupid, but I have to chalk this one up to 
poor naming conventions on Sun's part.  Apparently Sun Management Center 
is wildly different than the Solaris Management Console.  Silly me.

Thanks to Noelette Stout for clearing this up:

"The SunMC 3.5 software available on Sun's web site is the Sun 
Management Center.  It is a completely different piece of Software then 
the Solaris Management Console (SMC).  I would advise that you 
re-install SMC 2.1 as SunMC is not designed to do what you are trying to 
do.  SunMC could be compared to HP OpenView Network Node Manager. 
Whereas SMC is designed for system management (it basically replaces the 
admintool gui)."

good luck,
Noelette Stout

Original Question:

Hello Managers,

I recently did a fresh install of Solaris 9 (Sparc) and played around
with the new Java-based Solaris Management Console 2.1 to manage the
volumes.  Browsing Sun's web site, I saw that SMC 3.5 was out and
decided to give it a try.  So, I removed the SMC 2.1 packages (I did not
perform a SMC upgrade) and installed SMC 3.5.

After installing SMC 3.5, everything worked fine, except I do not see
anything related to volume management.  I can get host information, do
some basic SNMP queries, etc.  But unless you purchase some "Value
Added" packages, I don't see any real functionality.

I'm really only concerned with the GUI for volume management (yes, I am
familiar with the command-line options, and know how to use them).  Did
I do something bad by removing SMC 2.1?  Is there a trick to get volume
management working in SMC 3.5?

Thanks very much.  Will Summarize.


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