SUMMARY: A1000 & Solaris 9, slow / long boot time

From: MattW <>
Date: Thu Jan 08 2004 - 17:51:25 EST
ok, I'll summarize what fixed this problem....

as it turns out, the /kernel/drv/rdnexus.conf file lists 64 different SCSI 
busses to search for when booting, looking for RAID devices... well, there are 
only 3 scsi busses in my machine, so I trimmed the file down to the first 4 scsi 
busses and my boot time was greatly improved....

host% cat /kernel/drv/rdnexus.conf
name="rdnexus" parent="pseudo" instance=0;
name="rdnexus" parent="pseudo" instance=1;
name="rdnexus" parent="pseudo" instance=2;
name="rdnexus" parent="pseudo" instance=3;

#begin commenting....
#name="rdnexus" parent="pseudo" instance=4;
#name="rdnexus" parent="pseudo" instance=5;
#name="rdnexus" parent="pseudo" instance=6;
#.... and so on up to instance=63

To debug what is hanging up your system at boot time, edit the
/etc/system file and put in the following section: (*=comment)

	* Begin Matt's Kernel Module Debug (as directed by sun)
	* to solve the 5 minute timeout at boot problem
	set moddebug=0x80000000 
                          	* End Matts Kernel Module Debug

Thanks for the replies, folks, this is a great list and I appreciate the
feedback on such issues!


>>>>System is:
>>>>  Sun Fire V240 SunOS Release 5.9
>>>>  Version Generic_112233-08 64-bit sparc
>>>>What is wrong is that a reboot on this machine takes 5 minutes or more...
>>>>it hangs right here in the boot process:
>>>>Rebooting with command: boot
>>>>Boot device: disk:a File and args:
>>>>SunOS Release 5.9 Version Generic_112233-08 64-bit
>>>>Copyright 1983-2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
>>>>Use is subject to license terms.
>>>>.....and here it sits for 6-7 minutes before continuing.
>>>>This machine is a Sun Fire V240 with a PCI dual-port differential scsi
>>>>card in it. Attached to the scsi card is a tape array on one port
>>>>and the A1000 sun disk array on the other.
>>>>After 6-7 minutes of sitting without any progress, it *finally* continues
>>>>Would like to get the cycle time on this machine improved.
>>>>Does anyone know what can we do to fix this?
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