SUMMARY : Problem installing Solaris on Netra v100

From: Michael Jeffries (M) <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 2004 - 10:08:56 EST
Thanks to all that responded, I now got to install Solaris 9 perfectly
on my Netra server

>I have two questions
>1) I noticed that certain versions of Solaris 8 cannot be installed
>the Netra Sever, is there a bug with the netra??

The Netra came out mid-way through the Solaris 8 period. Earlier
versions of Solaris 8 have no idea what a Netra is. You'll find this
standard with Solaris and Sun hardware. This is the same reason you
can't install Solaris 7 on the Netra. Solaris has hooks in it to
understand the hardware it is running on. Hooks not there, Solaris
Generally speaking, you need a Solaris 8 release which is newer than
the initial release date of the hardware. I think the Netra came out
after Solaris 8's first release, so you need to get a late enough
hardware revision. Just a burn the latest set from the ISOs on

>2) Anyway I decided to install Solaris 9 on the server after trying
>endlessly to install Solaris 8. During the installation (after I put
>the IP numbers in)   of Solaris 9 on the server, the power went down,
>and I lost connectivity. Now I cannot get into the server, it seems
>freeze up at the logging prompt. This means I cannot go on with the
>installation, as I cannot get the server into single user mode, as I
>cannot log onto the server.
>The problem is that I am connecting via a consol cable from another
>Unix Server, so I cannot press Stop + A ,as it will try an put the
>server I am connecting from into the go prompt.
>How can I recover from this?

When using the tip command to send a break signal during boot you use
~# (Tilde Hash) If you don't know how to send a break properly with
your terminal program, change to the lower baud rate you can (e.g. 50
bps) and press space.
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