SUMMARY: Storedge 3310 configuration problems

From: Erwin Broschinski <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 09:25:10 EST
Hi all

thanks for all the brainware and expertise used on this problem 
and for the answers from:
 Dagobert Michelsen
 Grzegorz Bakalarsky (special thanks for many useful config hints :^))
 Austin, Annie
 Darren Dunham
 Matt Clausen
 Arpad I Toth

The main problem was:

There is a 1TB limit to disks in Solaris 8.

Dagobert Michelsen:
>Please note that VTOC labels only work up to 1 TB. Above that
>you have to use EFI labels available starting in Solaris 9 4/03.

So I 
1. created the 1.3TB logical disk (RAID5),
2. created an appropiate logical volume,
3. created 2 partitions each smaller than 1TB on this volume
4. mapped the 2 LUNs to the SCSI channel I wanted to use.
5. modified /kernel/drv/sd.conf to allow for 2 LUNs on one target.

(later I joined the 2 LUNs in Veritas Volume Manager 3.5  to a 999.999 MB
Volume - it does not like >1TB in the beginning - and resized the file system
(vxfs) to 1.3 TB. Finished.)

This was my first posting on this list and I am very much delighted to see how
well it works!


P.S. the empty 'ssconsole' windows are still there - some java stuff is not
correctly installed: Veritas 'vea' shows similar symptoms. I will dive into
this again.

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Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 10:19:28 +0100 (MET)
From: Erwin Broschinski <>
Subject: Storedge 3310 configuration problems


I have a Storedege 3310 attached to a V120 running  5.8 Generic_108528-29

I want to have just one LUN to this one host.

The top left and top right SCSI connectors on the rear of the 3310 are
connected, the V120 is attached to the top middle connector like this:

                     &             to V120
          |          &          |  
       [.....]    [.....]    [.....]    
       [.....]    [.....]    [.....]    

Using the serial interface menu on the 3310 I have created one logical drive
with RAID5, one spare disk, giving a total of 1.3TB.  
I can see this in 'sccli' with 'show configuration' (on the V120):

LD    LD-ID         Size  Assigned    Type     Disks Spare  Failed Status
ld0   2AA4D344    1.33TB  Primary     RAID5      11    1      0    Good

* logical-volumes 

LV    LV-ID         Size  Assigned    LDs
lv0   792EF2DE    1.33TB  Primary     1   ld0

* partitions 

LD/LV    ID-Partition      Size
ld0-00   2AA4D344-00     1.33TB
lv0-00   792EF2DE-00     1.33TB

Problem: I can see the 3310 with probe-scsi-all, but it does not show in
=======  'format' after a reconfigure boot :^((

The logical volume has been created in a second step, it did not make any

I have also connected the SCSI host cable to the lower left connector. No
difference after a reconfigure boot.

There is a SUN Doc ID 70146, giving a similar problem for a Dual Ultra3 SCSI
Adapter which I am not using.

(Also: the 'ssconsole' program which can be used for configuration comes up
with 2 almost empty windows that just stay like this ??)

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanx in advance


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