SUMMARY: Check patch correction on lbolt

From: <>
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 09:27:15 EST
Hello all,

using adb I was able to change to lbolt value and reproduce
and test a patch for the lbolt wrap around problem:

  echo "lbolt/W <new-value>" | adb -kw

Actually I had to increment lbolt several times in small steps,
because the system would crash right away if I set it to a big value:

  while true ; do
  expr `echo lbolt/D | adb -k | grep "lbolt:." | cut -c9-25` + 5000000 > newval
  echo "lbolt/W 0t`cat newval`" | adb -kw

It was suggested to me to add a

  set lbolt = <my-very-big-value>

to /etc/system, but since the value I wanted was very big, the
system would crash at boot.

Many thanks to whom responded, in particular to Casper.


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