Summary: volumes migration from veritas to solaris volume manager

From: himanshu khona <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 06:23:14 EST
It seems that was a simple task.
What i did was, from vxprint -ht i took the parameters like volume type,
size etc using which i can create those volume in SVM on the new box.
Then ufsdump & restore on the new machine.

Hope that helps.

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Subject: volumes migration from veritas to solaris volume manager

I have got a task here. We need to migrate file systems having veritas on
old server & solaris volume manager on new server.
I have not worked on solaris volume manager. So i am trying to search from
the net as how to go about it & how SVM works & stuff. In the mean time you
also can look into it & let me know if you get some information quickyl.
Let me know what specific parameters of veritas volumes to look for to be
able to create similar volume on new server.
What i can think of is to get information about the current veritas
configuration & then create same on the new server.
Which way do you think is the best way to import the data.. I am thinking of
ufsdump. Let me know if any other utility
I have worked on veritas but not on solaris vlume manager.

The old O.S. is solaris 8 & the new O.S. is solaris9.

THanks in advance,
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