SUMMARY: Solaris x86 Jumpstart

From: Charles Gagnon <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 10:21:35 EST
A short while ago I asked:

> Can I use my SPARC based Jumpstart server to build a x86 based
> client with Solaris 9 x86 08/03. I'm having a problem running the
> "setup_install_server" part cause I can't seem to read the boot
> image from the CD on my Sparc server.
> Any ideas?

Well a million thanks to:

  Casper Dik
  Darren Dunham
  Andrew Hay (Sandwich Maker)
  Russell Page
  Dan O'Callaghan
  Chris Ventura

I ended up mounting the CD on a Solaris x86 box and sharing it to my
Jumpstart server. That was enough to be able to run
"setup_install_server" and copy everything I needed from the boot

Thanks again.

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