SUMMARY: 240 vs 280

From: Roy Erickson <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 12:50:03 EST
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Brett Lymn
Jon Hudson
Joe Fletcher
Tim Chipman
Christophe Dupre
Francois Dion
Greg Whynott
Kevin Counts

In addition to the number of PCI slots -

They basically pointed out that the 240 has the Sparc IIIi w/ only 1MB cache
vs the 480 having the Sparc III w/ 8 MB cache.

This should not be a big thing for a Samba/Xinet/NFS file server, as opposed
to it being used for a database server.

One also pointed out that on the 240 the 4 gig ports ride off of two 33 MHz
PCI busses vs on the 480 there is one on a 33MHz and 1 on the 66MHz.
I have seen some performance issues in this area on our 480.

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