SUMMARY: please help - Cannot get beyond ARP/RARP - please help

From: Brent Howard <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 15:12:03 EST
Alas, I found that the boot disk is bad.  Thanks to all those who sum'd it up for me.  
(Any ideas how to reinstall Solaris on the first disk so that it doesn't hurt the data on the second disk? ...would be helpful at this point.)
Here is a Synopsis of what most people said:
get to the OK prompt.
Once at the OK prompt run the printenv command and look for
the following settings (these varied, but generally):
boot-device should be set to disk or some variation of disk to boot
ensure the auto-boot and boot-disk params are set to false.
type: reset (and some said ...)
type: boot disk
Either way I got:
"Can't open boot device."   Unless you know of a way to recover from this mess, I am assuming I should reload Solaris on my original boot disk to see if that will fix it.  Exhausting that, I suppose I will have to buy another drive to replace it.  Yikes.
Thanks to all (as of the printing of this thank you/summary) including:
(If I missed you, it's only because my Outlook Quarantine Software is causing me heartburn, again, sorry.)
Warren Powell
Michael Connolly
Pfaff Holger
Skip <Somebody>
Anthony Talltree (twice :-)
David Harrington
David Foster
John Malick
Peter Bauer
Alex Madden
William Cole
Doug Bell
Matt Clausen
Tim Evans
Russ Poffenberger
Roque Hernandez
Eugene Schmidt
Balki Chamkura
Christopher Barnard
Kevin McCarty (no loopback cable for hme0 avail, but removing net as an option killed it as well)
Lars Hecking
Geoff Lane (key switch looks good)
Kent Perrier
Henrik Schuetz
Kari Hautsalo

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	Subject: please help - Cannot get beyond ARP/RARP - please help

	I have an Enterprise 420R system running Solaris 8 that went down this morning.
	It will not reboot into single user mode, nor any other combination of boot commands.
	The problem I am having is:
	Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP Packet
	 Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP Packet
	Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP Packet
	Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP Packet
	(continuously scrolling up the command line screen.
	My question is this, ..
	What sequence of commands are required to get beyond the ARP/RARP to find out what else is wrong?
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