SUMMARY: cron problem

From: Ashish Nabira <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 12:03:43 EST
Hello Gurus;

Thanks to fantastic , knowledgeable and ready to help people of this
list. Some of the name s are:
1. Andrew C
2. Andrew H
3. casper
4. Joe
5. Shailendra
6. peter
7. Santamauro
8. Eric and many more.

Finally my cron problem turned out to be vi editors problem. I was just
concentrating on vi settings, .vimrc and other files but the user did
some changes in exrc file, which was not allowing vi to function

Everytime vi was getting invoked, it use to give error for "file type"
and then it use to start. And in the end cron was not able to save file
in /tmp directory due to that. One more thing to note down, vi was
giving problem in saving files only with crontab not in normal
operations. But the error was there in normal operation also at the time
of starting.

Some of my mails are not posted to list as I replied to them and they
got bounced by giving reason suspected header.

My query was:

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From: Ashish Nabira
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Subject: Cron problem

Hi Gurus;

I am facing one strange problem. One user is not able to create cronjobs
from his login. Error coming is :

crontab: 0481-124 Cannot create the cron file in the
/usr/spool/cron/crontabs directory.

But when I run as root user  " crontab -e < username> " it works fine.

Cron.allow has the user's entry. Suggest me a solution.


Thanks & Regards;
Ashish Nabira
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