Summary: sar incompatibility

From: Johnston, Colby <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 16:29:37 EST
Thanks to those that responded:
Kevin Buterbaugh
Eugene Schmidt
Andrew Hay

The general consensus was that the solaris 9 sar binary will not read the
solaris 8 sar data files.  The work around is to copy the solaris 8 sar
binary to the solaris 9 server and build in logic to the report generator
script that will tell it to use one or the other based on the os version.  

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Subject: sar incompatibility

All, we have a central admin server (recently upgraded to solaris 9) that
collects all the sar files for all the sun boxes in our env.  I noticed that
the solaris 9 sar binary can not read a solaris 8 generated sar file.  It
gives the following error:

sar -g -f sa01

SunOS lapso 5.9 Generic_112233-08 sun4u    01/01/2004

00:00:01  pgout/s ppgout/s pgfree/s pgscan/s %ufs_ipf
sar: data file not in sar format

As you might imagine this is causing problems with our automated reporting
which uses the sar command to generate reports.  Is there a way to get the
solaris 9 sar binary to read the solaris 8 sar files?  Will summarize,

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