SUMMARY: Garbage on the Serial Console

From: Eric Paul <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 16:08:37 EST
Many thanks to all who replied.  I never knew there were so many colorful
ways to try to reset a screwed up console.  

A lot of folks blamed the terminal I was using, but since I've used a
variety of terminals, I knew that wasn't to blame.

Alex Galea hit it on the head:

# stty -parity

I didn't even think that the parity had been screwed up...  Although I
should have realized this from my old 1200 baud modem days... *sigh*

Many thanks to all who replied!

And many jeers to:

Sharma, Pankaj []
Bablak, Steve []
Ayed, Mohamed [IT] []
Patni, Sandeep []

for not having auto-responders smart enough to NOT REPLY TO MAILING LISTS!!!

Thanks again!


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Subject: Garbage on the Serial Console

We have a number of Suns that we administer either via the serial port or a
RSC card.  Sometimes, when logged in to the console on the serial port, the
display will become corrupted (either by catting a binary file or generating
an escape sequence somehow).  I have tried everything I can think of to
reset this, but no dice.

I've tried:

stty sane
echo ^v esc c

The only thing that does fix things is a reboot.

If I'm on a RSC card, if I exit the console back to ALOM, the display is
fine.  Resetting the RSC doesn't help, as soon as I drop back to the
console, the display is messed up again.

I searched through the archives, and found one other person with the
problem, but no solution.

Is there any way to reset the console without rebooting the system?

Thanks in advance.  I will summarize.

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