SUMMARY: syslog problem

From: Colin Haffenden <>
Date: Thu Jan 08 2004 - 06:09:04 EST
Firstly thanks to

Casper Dik
Lars Hecking
Ronny Martin
Joohyun Cha
Julian Grunnell
Jon Andrews
Parissis Pavlos

The problem was answered first by Casper Dik, here is what he said....

This line forwardds *all* messages to /var/adm/messages

>*.debug                         /var/adm/messages

You may want something like:

*.debug;mail.none		/var/adm/messages

This sends all messages except the mail messages.

Thanks for all the speedy responses,

Original message....

Hi All,

I am a running a postfix server and have setup the syslog.conf file so
that it logs it's messages to separate files and not /var/adm/messages.

The problem is I am still getting messages in the
/var/adm/messages file?

Here is an example of a message logged....

# tail -1 /var/adm/messages
Jan  8 10:21:30 mailout mailout/smtp[29892]: [ID 197553]
C8C1012411: to=<>,[x.x.x.x], delay=346, status=sent (250
Message received: 7772C73A780.AAA3F00)

Here is my syslog.conf....

# Copyright (c) 2000-2002 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
#ident  "@(#)syslog.conf        2.3     02/02/21        SMI"
# This "syslog.conf" file was installed by JASS.  This
# file should be used to log information both locally as
# well as to a centralized log server (or servers) so that
# proactive log analysis can be done.

*.err;kern.notice;auth.notice   /dev/console
*.alert                         root
*.emerg                         *

*.debug                         /var/adm/messages
# *.debug                       @loghost1
# *.debug                       @loghost2

# added by MSX for standards

mail.debug;local0.debug         ifdef (`LOGHOST', /var/log/syslog,
@loghost)                       /var/log/mail.log                     /var/log/mailin.log


As you can see the and are set to log messages in
/var/log/mail.log and /var/log/mailin.log.

Does anybody know why this is logging these messages into

I am running Solaris 8 on a Sparc 20 with Postfix version 2.0.9

Thanks & Regards,
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