Summary: U5 running 2.6 with a 20GB hard drive issue.

From: Truax, Bruce (COMFIN, VFS, Consultant) <>
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 09:42:44 EST
Thanks again to all for you input especially Peter Stokes.


1 -> I loaded Solaris 2.6 normally do with 1 exception. I DID NOT CREATE the
partition that would extend into the unseen area of the disk.
2 -> Logged in as root and (after installing the OS packages 105181-35,
105798-04, and 106407-08) installed the package named "fixdisks_Solaris26.tar"
located at that was sent to me by Peter Stokes.
3 -> Rebooted into single-user mode and ran the command fixIDEsizes as
instructed at the end of the fixdisks installation. In the fixIDEsizes, I
created and newfs'd the additional space and created the mount point. After
finishing, I checked it with the format and df commands. I then exited
single-user mode. Fixdisks was successful.

The option to reformat from the installation did not work. I also learned that
the 2.6 installation will re-label these drive incorrectly as 8 GB. If you do
not run the script and choose to upgrade, the disks must be re-labeled first.

This appears to be an issue more with the ATA version then the size. The 20 GB
ATA 2 works fine without the patch, the ATA 4 needs it.


More Info:

I have a few other Ultra 5's that load and run 2.6 just fine with the Seagate
ST320420A 20GB hard drive. The apparent difference is the type of ATA drive.
The ST320011A is an ATA100 and the ST320420A is an ATA66.

Thanks again to all those who have already answered.

Hello Sunmanagers,

I have an Ultra 5 - 400MHz, 256MB, 20GB Seagate ST320011A hard drive - and I
am trying to load 2.6 5/98. I keep getting a bad label error. The label
reports one amount (the correct one) of cylinders and the disk reports a
smaller amount. 2.6 tries to install only to fail mounting the file system
upon reboot. I believe that 2.6 cannot read the geometry of this particular
disk. I have found a patch for the disk at Tadpole but it is an OS package. Is
there any other workaround for this as a prepatch?

I will summarize

Thank you all in advance ...

Btw, upgrading the OS is not an option at this time.
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