SUMMARY: Metainit problem - raw device for one disk is missing

From: Bradley Alan <>
Date: Mon Feb 09 2004 - 00:32:00 EST
Hi All,

Thanks for the replies, the following worked.

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Subject: Re: Metainit problem - raw device for one disk is missing

This should work:

rm  /dev/dsk/c6t4920523330303846443130303433d0s*
rm  /dev/rdsk/c6t4920523330303846443130303433d0s*

Eivind Nordbye

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Subject: Metainit problem - raw device for one disk is missing

Hi All,

I ran a: metaclear d6

I got the following message when trying to re-create d6 using: metainit d6
# metainit d6
metainit: server1: /etc/lvm/ line 78:
c6t4920523330303846443130303433d0s0: No such file or directory

The metadevice d16 consists of 5 slices, one from each disk

When I do a ls -al /dev/rdsk/c6t4920523330303846443130303433d0s0 I get the

# ls -al /dev/rdsk/c6t4920523330303846443130303433d0s0
/dev/rdsk/c6t4920523330303846443130303433d0s0: No such file or directory

If I do the same for the other devices above I get a listing of the file.

How can I re-create the raw device for the above disk?

If I run a format I can see the above disk and select it and run an analyze
on it.  It gives no errors.


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