[SUMMARY] how to run fsck on corrupt drive

From: Taber H. Smith <taber_at_praesagus.com>
Date: Mon Dec 08 2003 - 18:07:04 EST

Thanks to everyone for the help, especially Casper Dik.

I found the drive in /dev/dsk
I also found fsck in /usr/sbin/

I tried to run "fsck -m c0t0d0s0" in /dev/dsk, but it said
"fsck: error, fsck not applicable for FSType nfs"

so I ran "fsck /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0" and the drive was fixed
and is now back up and running.



>We had a ups fail during a power outage and the main 
>drive with / on it is failing to auto-recover.  I have
>booted the machine off cdrom.

Is it a Disksuite volume or an ordinary filesystem?

>The orginal drive doesn't seem to be in the list of 
>devices. How can I find the drive?

It should be listed under /dev/dsk?

>Once I find it, how can I mount it?

There's no need; fsck should be run before it is

>Once I have it mounted, does anyone know where the 
>fsck command is on the the Solaris_2.7 cdrom?  If
>it's not on there, how do I get on the machine (the
>machine doesn't have a floppy and solaris doesn't 
>seem to want to release the cdrom, apparantly from 
>booting off of it).

fsck is /usr/sbin/fsck and should be in $PATH when you
boot from CD.

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