SUMMARY: Port aggregation

From: Francois Dion <>
Date: Tue Dec 23 2003 - 15:34:46 EST
Thanks to Brandon Cate, Jeff Vaneek and Amiel Lee Yee for suggesting  
SunTrunking. Thanks also to Brandon for introducing me to his company's 
product, Nic Express. Both products are extra cost of course, and while 
have their advantages, I wanted to do this with Solaris. I had read 
about this feature but I couldn't find the name.

Extra points go to Darren Dunham for not only suggesting SunTrunking, 
but also IPMP as a viable solution:

"IPMultipathing isn't quite aggregation, but it does allow outbound
traffic to use both ports, and it allows for failover if an interface
dies.  It may be sufficient for your needs.
It's included in Solaris from Solaris 8 10/01 forward."

This works out well for me at this point. According to Sun:

"Outbound Load Spreading: Spread outbound network packets across 
multiple network adapters - without affecting the ordering of packets - 
in order to achieve higher throughput. Load spreading occurs when the 
network traffic is flowing to multiple destinations using multiple 

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