SUMMARY: Unable to see A1000

From: Bob Barkhymer <>
Date: Tue Dec 09 2003 - 07:46:49 EST
The controller board was bad and the four Controller boards we had in stock
did not work. After SUN came on-site they ended up replacing the 4
controller boards that we had in stock. We tested the four new ones and they
all worked fine. Did not received reason on why the stock boards did not

We have a R420 SUN Server with an A1000 Array. After boot up we are unable
to see the array and we receive the following message.
"/usr/lib/osa/bin/arraymon: No RAID devices found to check". We tried both
Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 8 and get the same message. A boot -r was also
performed. We have RAID Manager Version When performing
probe-scsi-all we can see the RAID. We replaced the controller board which
did not help. Any suggestions?
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