SUMMARY: Starting the X Server proccess without a framebuffer

From: Santos, Ramiro <>
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 10:06:17 EST
Hi folks,
it's a pleasure to see how  quickly and informatively this list works.
I received many responses and everyone referred to tool Xvfb or Xvnc.
Thus, I believe that I've found the right soultion.

Many thanks to:

Ronny Martin
Muscat Daniel
Dominique Potvin
Tim Chipman
Casper Dik [Nice Country, especially Amsterdam and Rotterdam]
Jason Bruce
Bob Cummings
Perrier Kent
Steve Edberg
Martin Schmitt
Darren Dunham
David Foster
Chris Steinke
Robert Helmer
Thomas Wardman
Matthew Stier
Alan Pae
JV [Very short name, my name is: Ramiro dos Santos Alves Pereira]
Jose Luis Martinez [Spain is wonderfull]


Ramiro Santos

> Hi managers,
> do you know if it is possible to run the Xsun proccess without a
> framebuffer,
> some of our clients need this binary running to proccess some graphic
> from java (don't ask me why).
> We normaly don't provide any graphic devices to our servers. 
> Regards,
> Ramiro Santos
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