From: Tobias Koch <>
Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 07:13:17 EST
 Hello Together,

to sum up the requests i can say, that MPXIO doesn't work with JNI FC64-1063.
so you have to choose an alternative.
My alternative was, that  i have to live with one connection to the storage.
Veitas DMP or EMC Multipath are to expansive for this project.

Thanks to
Thorsten Huebler
Gabriel Rosenkoetter and
George Done

Greets Tobias Koch


Dear Sun Managers,

i've got a problem with a Sun E4500 running Solaris 9 (5.9 Generic_112233-08
sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise)
The System ist attached to a EMC-Symmetrix via JNI SBUS Adapters (FC64-1063).

Now i try to connect the LUNs via MPXIO, so i enbaled it under
but a reboot doesn't enbaled it. I don't see the virtual Controller, I see
LUNs over to ways:

# format:
      4. c8t3d0 <EMC-SYMMETRIX-5266 cyl 18410 alt 2 hd 15 sec 64>  emcvol01
      14. c9t4d0 <EMC-SYMMETRIX-5266 cyl 18410 alt 2 hd 15 sec 64>  emcvol01

The newest Driver is installed:
pkginfo -l JNIfcaw
   PKGINST:  JNIfcaw
      NAME:  JNI Fibre Channel SCSI/IP HBA Driver
  CATEGORY:  system,scsi
      ARCH:  sparc
   VERSION:  2.6.13, Feb 26, 2003
    VENDOR:  JNI Corp.
  INSTDATE:  Oct 31 2003 10:45
    STATUS:  completely installed

Does MPXIO works with JNI or what do i have to preconceive?
Greets Tobias Koch
Answer 1:

meiner Meinung nach arbeitet MPXIO zunaechst nur mit den Sun/QLogic Adaptern
Die JNI's werden demnaechst von SUNWsan unterstuetzt, bestimmt aber nur neuere
Modelle (das hat aber nichts mit Multipathing zu tun).

-> MPXIO geht wahrscheinlich nicht mit den guten alten 1063'ern (VxVM oder EMC
PowerPath pruefen).
Answer 2:
I don't have experience with this specific driver, but you may need
to remove the existing device nodes and reconfigure to see it the
way you want to.

A reboot wouldn't be enough; at least a boot -r, and maybe a boot
-rp (p for purge) could do it. (That'd be `reboot -- -r` or `reboot
-- -rp`.)

But you shouldn't need to reboot at all; you should be able to get
the same results (and not trash all your other device nodes) by
doing `devfsadm -C -c disk` (-C means cleanup, -c limits the type of
nodes on which devfsadm(1M) will operate.
Answer 3:
Hi !

I wanted to acomplish the same thing, but I saw in MPXIO documentation that
only Sun supplied adapters are supported (actually Qlogic brand) and I did not
bother to continue.

But now JNI cards are also sold by Sun (Not FC64-1063, it's true, but newer,
PCI models). It would be nice if they would release a patch for MPXIO to
support JNI too, but I think is unlikely.

Please summarize or send me a personal E-mail if you succeed anyway.
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